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International Computer Science program – 32 ECTS

International Computer Science program - 32 ECTS


We offer a quality training program in line with the needs of the international market. It covers the main areas of computer science: development, information systems, networks and security. 

Beyond IT skills, we offer our future international students project management skills to facilitate their integration into the company. For this, we use an innovative platform, designed for an optimal deployment of project-based learning on real company projects. 
The last part of the program is devoted to communication in the French language to discover some notions. It is so much more pleasant to visit Paris and all the regions of France, but also to understand the culture, mentalities and art of living in the French way! 

All the courses are mandatory

Information systems methodologies – 4 ECTS

Provide the methodological bases necessary for the design and implementation of business information systems. Prepare for the profession of studies and IT development who:

  • Designs, develops and fine-tunes an IT application project, from the study phase to its integration, for a client or a company according to functional needs and specifications.
  • Can lead development projects.

The course is based on the principles of methodological approaches whether they are object-oriented (UML and unified process) or systemic (such as the MERISE method)

Information systems architectures – 3 ECTS

The architecture of an information system has to be based on a well-defined company organization and strategy. This course module highlights this aspect using the Zachman and TOGAF techniques. Different technical architectures are then explored in order to be able to choose the most appropriate architecture in a given context. A study case allows small teams to put the course into practice.

Advanced databases – 3 ECTS

Understand the architecture of a NoSql DBMS, explore product families, model data and create NoSql DBs. Model data and create NoSql DBs
Prerequisite: knowledge in relational DB, distributed DB appreciated.

Android and iOS Security – 5 ECTS    

Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing for Android & iOS

Teaches you: 
mobile app testing
how to jailbreak or root iOS / Android devices
how to Pentest iOS / Android devices and apps

Prerequisites: In order to perform certain techniques explained in the modules related to iOS, devices such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad may be required. Unlike iOS, Android-related modules do not require an Android device: the Android SDK and Virtualization provide all the tools needed for Windows and Nix * systems.

Prerequisite: this course requires notions in mobile development. For students who do not have these notions, before the start of the course, they will have to take a mobile development course via the LinkedIn learning platform.

Python Pool – 2 ECTS

Python Innovative Projects (PIP) are projects realized by a 3-days work team. Students are put in the shoes of a novice developer, then an experienced developer, then a product manager. They must respond to the issues that affect an innovative company: how to promote its IT know-how?

C# and .Net environment – 3 ECTS

Economic intelligence- 2 ECTS

The objective of this course is to equip students with:

  • Interpretation grids of the dynamic logics and changes that shape the international environment (Geopolitics & Geoeconomics) 
  • Concepts, methods and tools of acquisition and exploitation information making it possible to build a predictive capacity for the evolution of situations and their implications (Economic Intelligence). The central objective being that they can contribute positively to the competitiveness, security, safety and influence of their company in its markets.

Skills developed :

  • Intelligence of the business environment
  • Ability to detect and assess weak signals of change with important stakes
  • Ability to use acquired intelligence as a decision support tool

Intercultural Management – 2 ECTS

An anthropological approach to culture fundamentals. Why do cultures differ from each other?
Grasp of an overview of the world matrix cultural constituents, made of Cultural diversities, Ethnic minorities, Religious disparities and Societal inequalities.
A theoretical guidance through this labyrinth raises awareness of the impetuous needs to open our cultural heritage.
Prerequisite: Reading Geert Hofstede and Tropenarrs

IT Project – 4 ECTS


  • Manage an end-to-end project within a team (mobile app dev, SI architecture, Web Dev, Security,…). 
  • Use the lessons and skills acquired during the program to carry out the project
  • Acquire new necessary skills, for your project, as part of your individual training

The construction of the project:
To complete their project, students will go through different stages over 15 days. Each step will be validated by an assistant coach.


French Language and Culture – 2 ECTS

This course, intended for international students, aims to develop and deepen linguistic, methodological and cultural skills to ensure fluency and spontaneity, both orally and in writing. It will allow students to adapt to the French way of life. We will discuss themes around gastronomy, fashion, artistic culture and also daily life; sport and tourism. France being the first tourist destination in the world, we will also get to know the treasures of the French national heritage.

LinkedIn Learning – 2 ECTS

The student must draw from the catalog of 18,000 courses offered on the platform the resources that are necessary for the realization of his/her IT project.


Prerequisite for International Computer Science program

This program is offered to Bachelor’s students of computer science, or Master’s students in information management and information systems, or for any Master’s students who wish to deepen their notions in computer science.

The level of English required is a B2 level.

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