Programmes Erasmus

Our international partnerships


Our international partnerships


ESIEE-IT deploys its know-how in educational engineering within the framework of international partnerships with higher education institutions all over the world. 

An international outlook to open up to others 

ESIEE-IT has forged partnerships in Europe and outside Europe. Thus, students are given a chance to go abroad for a semester of studies in the final year of their M2I and E3IN course or their ESIEE-IT engineering programme.  

Because ESIEE-IT attaches great importance to training employees capable of adapting to an international and multicultural environment, the engineering programme will strengthen its partnerships, particularly in Western Europe and outside Europe (Asia and America). 

Thus, this development will further enrich the mobility catalogue offered to its learners, and will make it possible to welcome international students to its courses. 

Academic partnerships: international student mobility at ESIEE-IT


- International partnerships outside Europe 

Canada: partnership with the Entrepreneurship Centre of Laval University in Quebec  

Students in their final year of the M2I programme (Gaming and Lead Development majors) have the opportunity to leave for 15 days in June to the Laval University in Quebec City for a workshop on business creation. A 10-week study abroad programme is also offered, during which our students create Business Plans for projects.  

We are developing another one-semester study-abroad programme at the same university, which will combine IT and entrepreneurship. 

United States: partnership with the continuing education department of the University of California 

Engineering students in the “Intelligent and Sustainable Systems” programme can choose to carry out their final year study mobility at this university in southern California (tuition fees are to be paid for this programme that leads to certification) 

- European partners within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme 

Through the Erasmus+ programme, ESIEE-IT has an agreement with the following universities. Discover the details of this programme on the “Erasmus+” page  

Spain: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos – ETSISI, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Facultad de Ingeniería - Universidad de Deusto  

Finland: Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Tornio 

Greece: Digital Systems Dep., School of Technology - University of Thessaly 

Italy: Politecnico di Bari 

Portugal: Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Porto 

Romania: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers - University Politehnica of Bucharest 

Sweden: University of Skövde, Sweden 

- Institutional partnerships: an export of ESIEE-IT's educational engineering 

ESIEE-IT mainly collaborates with two countries on international projects aimed at educating local populations.  


ESIEE-IT has developed a Python pool dedicated to this well-known computer language, in partnership with ESA Business School in Lebanon. This partnership has enabled the students of the school to understand the techniques of coding, its limitations and its possibilities, and thus to better understand how to prepare the future of digital technology in companies.   


The Antananarivo CCI, in partnership with the GOTICOM (Group of employers in the digital sector), carried out the project to set up a higher school of computer science in Antananarivo in order to stand out from traditional courses considered too “academic”. To this end, ESIEE-IT has forged a partnership with the ESTI (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies de l'Information) in Madagascar.