Mohamed Amine Khelif


Mohamed Amine Khelif - testimonial of a research professor at ESIEE-IT


I chose to focus on IT because it is a very diverse, exciting and constantly evolving field. It requires a lot of monitoring and documentation work to keep your courses up to date because everything changes so quickly. But, I make it a point of honour! Moreover, I integrate elements of my research into each of my modules. 
As IT has multiple facets, we can specialise in aspects according to our liking, which for me is security. At the same time, I know that if I wish, I can explore other aspects whether in teaching or in research

Can you briefly tell us about your journey, starting from your Baccalaureate? 

Amine KelifI earned two bachelor’s degrees. The first was in Electrotechnics with a major in Automatic control in 2014 at the University of Sciences and Technologies of Algiers. The second was in Physics with a major in Information Systems and Technologies in 2015 at Paris Saclay. In 2017, I received a Master’s degree in Computer Science majoring in Computer Systems and Electronic Systems at the Sorbonne. More recently, in 2021, I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from CY Cergy Paris University on the subject of digital architectures for identifying security flaws in IoT objects with the application of forensic expertise. 

Why did you choose the IT field?  

I chose to focus on IT because it is a very diverse and exciting field. As IT has multiple facets, we can specialise in aspects based on our liking, our desires... What excites me is computer security. And if, one day, my interest changes, I will be able to explore other aspects of computer science, whether in teaching or research.  

Why did you decide to become a research professor? 

Research and more particularly IT research is a field that has attracted me for a long time. During my doctorate studies, I had the opportunity to teach. This allowed me to discover how vital knowledge transfer is to train the engineers and researchers of tomorrow. This is why I chose to become a research professor, because for me teaching and research are two sides of the same coin. 

What subjects do you teach at ESIEE-IT and to which classes? 

I give courses in computer architecture and embedded systems in E3 (equivalent to L3 or Bachelor's) and courses in image processing and network security in E4 (equivalent to M1 or Master’s). Information technology is evolving very quickly. It takes work to keep your courses up to date and I make it a point of honour. For example, I integrate elements of my research on security. I include hardware security issues in architecture courses and steganography in image processing courses. 

What does your laboratory research consist of? 

My research work carried out at the ETIS laboratory focuses on the attacks that can be carried out on IoT objects and their countermeasures. For attacks, I explore hardware paths targeting communication buses with the main challenge of not being detected by existing security systems. These attacks are more forensic-oriented to help in extracting information from evidence in criminal investigations. As for countermeasures, the objective is to try to identify abnormal behaviours of a system that can be generated by an attack (such as overheating of the device, increase in communications with other devices), and then to deploy the appropriate response to protect users and their data. 

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the ESIEE-IT school?                  

For me, ESIEE-IT’s strength lies in the diversity of its IT courses; these courses are continually improved and modified in order to keep pace with the world of work. The school also has other advantages that set it apart, including apprenticeship courses, a very strong human approach and personalised follow-up of students. 

How does the ESIEE-IT engineering school stand out from the others?  

The school stands out with its courses, whether delivered by research professors or by expert external contributors recognised in the professional world. The ESIEE-IT engineering school offers many high-level professional certifications, such as Microsoft and Cisco certifications. 

I chose to focus on IT because it is a very diverse and exciting field. As IT has multiple facets, we can specialise in aspects based on our liking! 

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