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Computer Science Program – Fall semester 30 ECTS

We offer a quality training program in line with the needs of the international market. It covers the main areas of computer science: Computing & Applications, Networks & Security, and Intelligent and Sustainable Systems.

They can also practice putting their knowledge and skills to use in a group project: as a member of a team, they will manage an end-to-end IT project.

To complete their curriculum, our international students have access to “French language and culture” to discover some notions. It is so much more pleasant to visit Paris and all the regions of France, but also to understand the culture, mentalities and art of living in the French way!

Our programme:


Networks & Security

Introduction to networks (3 CR)
Wan networks (4 CR)
Database (3 CR)

Computing & Applications

  • Machine Learning (4 CR)
  • EXtended Reality (1 CR)
  • Image processing and analysis (4 CR)
  • Game Jam (2 CR)

Intelligent and Sustainable Systems

  • Internet of Things (5 CR)
  • Python POO (3 CR)

General course

  • French language and culture (1 CR)

Prerequisite for International Computer Science program

  • This program is offered to Bachelor 3rd year's & Master’s students in computer science or related fields.
  • The level of English required is a B2 level.

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International Partnership & Erasmus+ Coordinator