Etudiants internationaux

International Study General Information

The “General Computer Science” Erasmus+ exchange program gives the opportunity to welcome international students in our programs. Through this international diversity, a whole learning process is created.

The international part in our program


How to work in an international context

It goes by the acquisition of the following skills : English knowledge, but also by a matching cultural opening. 
The “General Computer Science” Erasmus+ exchange program gives the opportunity to welcome international students in our programs. Through this international diversity, a whole learning process is created. 

 Work on your English skills

 When it comes to Master’s, students have English and TOEIC preparation courses. They will have to pass this certification during their Master’s studies at ESIEE-IT. In addition to that, they have access to Global Exam, a TOEIC training platform. 
More and more, ESIEE-IT offers the students technical classes taught in English, which encourages them to use English in a professional context. Master’s students defend their professional report in English. 

The language minimum level 

The minimum language level to validate in order to get the ESIEE-IT engineer title diploma is the B2 level in every expertise. The students will be assessed with role-playing concerning professional skills and with the TOEIC test.



During the first semester from September to December, you as an ESIEE-IT student can welcome an international Erasmus+ exchange student at our school. This involves getting in touch with the student before arriving in France, helping him/her to acclimatize and familiarize with his/her new environment upon arrival at ESIEE-IT and during the stay.

The advantages of participating in the “Buddy programme”

First of all, it is a beautiful life experience through an encounter. This also allows you to develop your network, and improve your language level in another language if your verbal exchanges are in a foreign language. You also promote your open-mindedness, while discovering another European culture.

And finally, if you plan yourself to have an international mobility, this will help you to prepare it through your buddy’s experience. Especially if you have the chance to meet a student from a partner university where you want to go.

To Become a buddy

You will be a student on the Pontoise campus in the following school year, you want to pass on and to share your culture, and you are curious to discover another. 

General information

ESIEE IT trains engineers and universal experts in digital technologies. We are convinced that the high level of expertise reached by our students coming out of our program has to be built on solid and multidisciplinary foundation. That is why all of our trainings are composed of a common base in project management, entrepreneurship, management, programming and algorithmic, mathematics, networks and systems. Because it is essential to have significant knowledge in English and project management in a cross-cultural environment, a big significance is granted for those disciplines in order to evolve in an open and electronic world.  

From this fundamental training, we offer to acquire expertise in varied fields to our students such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data, software engineering, domotic, robotics, digital transformation for companies. 

Our trainings for these technologies don’t make us lose sight of the acceptability they will encounter in our society. Those impacts and ethics are important notions that we include in every training and that our students must respect. On these solid basics, students can then find their formation and study fields that are currently shaping our world. 

  • Information Technology :

Because the function that we used to call a few years ago IT management has progressed, our trainings in those fields are completely adapted. From a very vertical function regarding the structure, database system, processes, information flow have been spreading in every function of the company : support, trade, by way of production, logistics, HR....

These transformations daily lead us and confirm our expert and skilful vision, capable of understanding every stakes of an IT project. This evolution also concerns the organisation of the IT production, by bringing infrastructures, systems, networks, security and software engineering together.  This tendency, called DevSecOps, is approached in every program of this training. We offer integrator, developer, system and network architect, cybersecurity expert, application architect, big data and AI expert programs : they are capable to work as a team and integrate themselves in companies facing these new ways of producing IT services. Agility and project organization according to the agile methodology, are also a common trait with all of our programs both in the taught methods and in the teaching skills. 
It ensures our graduated students an excellent teamwork ability, adaptation, speed and anticipation while taking in consideration the client’s needs. 

  • Smart & Green Building :

Our Smart & Green Building pathway is for undergraduate and postgraduate students. We think that this field is going to evolve and grow with more and more specialization when it comes to jobs. Our domotics experts will be able to respond to this problem thanks to the democratization of real time, high-performance network, IoT combined with AI techniques easier to spread out. With these evolutions, domotics make a promise to solve important issues in our society such as for example the sustainable development stakes and the well-reasoned management of energies. Our students will work on a multiplicity of projects : grid computing, accomodation comfort optimization, connected objects sensors of environmental factors. 

  • Robotics & Electronics :

ESIEE-IT is not destined to be positioned in the industrial robotics field but in the service robotics. Indeed, brand new projects in new companies have emerged thanks to advances brought by 5G and the real time networks combined to connected objects and AI. This branch is improving our everyday life and will replace some difficult or repetitive but essential tasks. It is now common to entrust the grass cut but also to ask a chatbot to take care of welcoming customers on a website. 
Museum tours, reception in public places or companies are already feasible and can be done by robots. In the near future, it will be possible to entrust a part of people’s assistance (loss of autonomy) to robots. Our programs which combine program, IA, robotics, allow our students to acquire solid bases in order to become the future developers of these revolutionary applications. 

  • Digital transformation :

Companies, business models, our economy and even our society had to reinvent themselves, led by the internet accession, the democratization of the calculation power, mobility, the management of massive and non-indexed data, geolocalization and artificial intelligence. New jobs have appeared in companies but these functions have mostly been transformed. Who could have thought a few years ago that it would be possible to take a picture of a prescription with a post office app and get the meds the day after at home. Moreover, who could have thought that the recruitment in companies would be handled by artificial intelligence capable of significantly improving the HR results. These necessary changes and adaptations appeal to a new expertise linked to the technological knowledge of the engineer and the knowledge of strategy, organisation, management and business jobs. 

Our digital transformation training offers our students business analysis and digital transformation bachelors and masters, which combine management and engineering, administration and technical expertise, or business and science. They will be ready to handle big career transformations and company functions, while participating in this incredible transformation in our society.