Joint research with CY Cergy Paris University



ESIEE-IT has joined CY Alliance, which is the grouping of higher education establishments in the Cergy-Pontoise region. In this context, ESIEE-IT research professor develop their research activities at the ETIS laboratory, a joint CY Alliance and CNRS research unit specialising in information processing. The teams conduct both theoretical and experimental research to enable information processing systems to acquire autonomous capabilities. The systems designed at ETIS are therefore intended to carry out intelligent processing for increasingly complex environments. The fields concerned: reconfigurable chips, data analysis, image indexing, developmental robotics, etc. 

These research activities allow ESIEE-IT to offer innovative course modules and give apprentices the opportunity to explore research and development activities. A valuable advantage for their professional integration, in an ever-changing technological environment. This is especially true for artificial intelligence. These techniques apply to a number of fields and are studied in the three programmes.