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10 March 2023

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ESIEE-IT and MONA Project

Supported by Euro App Mobility, the project “Mona, my apprenticeship in Europe” aims to promote the European mobility of apprentices.

The project is taking place throughout France, within the framework of France 2030, in order to develop the Erasmus + program for apprenticeship (work-study programs).
23 February 2023

Campuses of ESIEE-IT

ESIEE-IT is located on 4 campuses in Île-de-France :
* Pontoise (95)
* Cergy (95)
* Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78)
* Paris 15ème (75)

Launch of the campaign to promote outgoing student mobility 2023

Last month, ESIEE-IT celebrated Erasmus day. It was a, opportunity for ESIEE-IT students to explore the various possibilities of studying abroad for a semester during their last year of studies. This event exposed the Erasmus + partnerships with the following universities :

Studying in Lapland UAS

ESIEE-IT participates in the International week of Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Tornio , Finland

At the end of November, our Finnish partner organizes an international week with its network of partners.

ESIEE-IT, partner of the university through the Erasmus + program, will be present, and will present the school and how is it to study in France to the Finnish students.

Next staff exchange for teaching with University of Thessaly, Greece

Next Spring semester, our associate Professor Petr Dobiáš is going to give lectures entitled « Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” to the Bachelor students of University of Thessaly, our Greek partner, throughout our Erasmus + agreement.

The module is based on lectures, exercises, and practical laboratories to cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of artificial intelligence. The students will get to know the history of artificial intelligence and its fields, learn to characterise intelligent agents and to solve standardised and real-world problems.
16 September 2022

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